So you made it all the way here

This is part of my thesis project Trust your eyes. The text is in a form of a letter in order to help the viewers to engage with the work

So you made it all the way here and by now you’re probably wondering what this work is all about. Well, it is about a couple of things but mainly it is about you and me and our affair. The stories I told with you as the viewer, it has been forever like that. Without talking about it we needed each other and I feel we made a mutual commitment.
It is our affair but I want you to know that it’s not working for me anymore. No, I don’t want it to end, please let me explain. I’m committed as ever but I want it to change and I think its time that we talk (because that’s what grownups usually do).
All those years that we had this unwritten agreement: I will tell you the story and you will believe it (and then maybe you’ll act). Just like husband and wife we played our parts, we pretend we were making a difference. Is it working for you? Have we changed anything?
Wait, please, I’m not blaming you, I know that as the author of these images I’m a big part of the problem. I was very convincing, it wasn’t hard to believe.
For me it was about getting the picture and telling the story. Now you see, there is more than one picture to take and more than one story to tell. And frankly sometimes I’m not getting the picture at all. I mean I see what people are doing (and I can take plenty of pictures) but why are they acting that way? That is beyond me and I can’t tell you about it if I don’t get it myself.
You might think I’m afraid of commitment, I’m not. It is about the choices I make how to tell you a story. Where I stand, what I see, who I meet, what is in the frame and what is out. These tiny decisions make a big difference in the story I tell.
I also want you to know that every so often when I’m doing my work I am thinking of you and I don’t know if I should. You see, stories are never easy to get and if I’m thinking of you when I’m working maybe I’m not getting it right.
So where shall we go?
Like I said, I want it to change; I want to see where I am going.
And when you look at my work please think about your part in this pact. Don’t trust me at all if you think it will help but please don’t take me for granted.
I know I will try. And you, what will you do?