Holy Land


Holy land is an unfinished business for me. When I was working on Hard and Stubborn Love I made some pictures that were relating to religious issues but when I looked at them I knew that they were from a different story. And again I started to play with different cameras and films and after some time the project took its shape in black and white photographs. I also met Dr. Nurit Shtadler from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and together we started going out to many places around the country. We covered ceremonies of Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people and after more then two years of work this project has a lot of volume. A small selection of the pictures was exhibited in a unique collaboration with written texts by the students of Dr. Shtadler. And yet, until the work is properly edited and exhibited it is an unfinished business for me. The photographs in this gallery are small part from the work I did in Jerusalem area.