Non Manifesto of Laughter

Non Manifesto of Laughter – written at The Culture of Avant-Garde: Modernity’s Discontents;
seminar with Dr. Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof

1. It is in my opinion that revolutions are not a good way for changing the world. At their starting point all
revolutions have the best of intentions but as we have seen in the past, they end up pretty bad.
2. The aim of this paper is to suggest a more personal way for changing the world.
3. In contrast to revolutions and their manifestos this is a non manifesto. Hence, it does not have pompous
declarations and nor am I trying to suggest that I have all the answers.
4. This is a call for a small but constant change in ones own life.Though the social impact of this change is not
immediately visible, in the long run it will prevail.
5. A good laughter will tilt you of your balance. It will make you see the world around you and your own life in
a different way then before.This is the turning point for changing reality and that is what revolutions are
all about.
6. Like a revolution laughter will set you free. Unlike the revolution when you stop laughing there are no dead people
around you. And you can always start laughing all-overs again.
7. Laughter is a great way to over come mistakes, because when you are laughing you are moving away to a place
of forgiveness.
8. Laughter is also a great way to overcome difficulties because it releases ones fear when facing these problems.
9. Though it is done mainly in public, laughter is a private act and it cannot be forced on individuals by society.
10. Capitalist society does not value laughter because it is not a commodity and you can’t put a price tag on it. When
you are laughing you are not consuming laughter and in a way you are rebelling against capitalism.
11. The only time laughter is considered valuable by capitalism is in reality T.V. and other places were it is helping
to generate more income. Don’t be mistaken, this is not real a laughter; it is the slave dancing to his masters
12. Have you ever seen a Politician laughing? Well, isn’t it part of the problem?
13. Artists have great imagination and wonderful ideas but if they are threatening social and political order,
politicians will eat them alive.
14. Fuck cool. Snakes are cool but humans have feelings. Laugh and cry and anything in between.
15. Real grownups will tell you that laughter is childish. Well, children can grow-up but can grownups change just
a bit?
16. Laughter like art is a revolutionary act. It is indefinable, unexpected and you have to use your own personal
imagination. Therefore when you are laughing you are breaking social conventions.
17. Laughter, like sex and good wine, is something one should have; not just talk about.
18. And to society we say this- on every turn of your thought you will find us waiting, and laughing.