Street photography


“I begin by not taking pictures” – Jeff Wall  (wait, hold your breath)

I took these pictures with an 8×10 camera while wondering around in the same places over and over again. Some pictures happen soon but other take time, sometimes years. When I am wondering I am looking around trying to understand what it is that interest me and in this process I find my pictures. I am looking at the vernacular, the mundane, I also think about image making today and the way my work relate to the history of art and photography. At the beginning I was hoping that the big camera would create an obstacle that will distract people from their routine; it did not happen, nothing did, I took pictures and daily life continued. I was anonymous like everyone else and my time was also passing away. When I am out there with the 8×10 I am not snapping pictures, I am aware of all the decisions I have to make before I press the shatter and it is not easy to be impulsive and lose control. Yet this tension is essential for my work because it enables me to create images that while they did not exist in reality they do tell something about it.