Trust your eyes


Trust your eyes is a reflection on photographic images and the challenges of representation in contemporary documentary photography. The project questions documentary’s claim for the truth and the ability of photographs to represent different realities.
To challenge the conventional view of documentary images, Raivitz uses his gaze to question our ability to grasp reality, in particular interrogating the act of looking at the world itself as a failed means for understanding it. The project aims to expose the unwritten agreement that exist between image makers and their audience. In so doing, Trust your eyes highlights the role of the viewer in giving images their significance and meaning asking them to re-consider how they look at images, the preconceived perceptions they bring to them, and therefore what meaning they expect photographs to deliver. Done with an 8×10 camera the project holds more then fifty images, and it is also presented as a book with handwritten captions that further explore issues such as truth and impartiality.