Day job


This is a two parts portfolio, and the last work I did in Canada. Part one is a group of portraits that is looking at the ethics and possibilities of taking/making a photographic portrait. The existence of more than one narrative in each photograph is breaking the traditional one-story portrait; by doing so it is raising questions about the veracity of such a story and relationships between the subject and its background. The visual richness of these images testifies to the importance of each photograph and its subject; and to the fact that taking each one was a meaningful event that lasted for some time. Put together, these elements give viewers the opportunity to decide which narrative they want to follow, be aware of it, and reflect on their expectations from a photographic portrait. Part two deals with the photographic narrative and the relationships between the place where a picture was taken and the photograph itself. For Raivitz, reality is a point of departure and the photograph a point of (temporary) arrival. What interests him is the space that exists between these two points and how it affects his image making process. Exploring this space enables Raivitz to assess the need for a narrative and to develop new types of photographic narrative. By doing so he is also casting doubt on the representation aspect of photographs; and as in his previous work he is suggesting that we should reconsider the place that photographs have in our knowledge creating mechanism.
Seemingly different, these two parts were done simultaneously in the course of one year – when put together they point on Raivitz’s motivation for creating this work.